What Are Free Spins

A Free Spin is just an extra play or spin in an online casino game, which the casino offers to you without charging you anything. You can try a new game or play a favorite game longer, using Free Spins so you don’t have to put anything out yourself.

Many of the larger online casinos offer Free Spins, like Expekt, Casumo, MrGreen, VeraJohn and Betsson. Some smaller ones will, to try to get people to sign up, but they are not generally known for offering the same kinds of incentives.

How Do You Get Free Spins?
You won’t have to do anything to get your first Free Spins at most online casinos, because many of the ones that offer Free Spins do so automatically as part of a welcome bonus when you first register your online account. As part of that, you may also receive other incentives, like No Deposit Bonuses.

Online casinos may also offer Free Spins at other times throughout the year or they may offer you more Free Spins because of your own history of playing. The casinos run different campaigns and specials at various times, giving you a reason to keep using their casino instead of another one.

Using Free Spins
You can only use Free Spins on specific games or slots, unlike No Deposit Bonuses which can be used for anything you choose. There are a couple of reasons casinos use Free Spins as an incentive.

You may receive certain Free Spins to give you a chance to play games you don’t normally play, or to let you try games which the casino has just started offering. The casino may also offer Free Spins on games which they know are really fun games, but which people don’t play as much because they don’t know about them.

How to Get Free Spins
The first Free Spins you get will probably be part of a welcome package, and may include Free Spins to various games and No Deposit Bonuses. If the casino offers other specials or Free Spins later, you won’t have to do anything to find out. We’ll send you a message using the contact information you gave us when you registered your online account.

Cashing In
You may not be able to cash in using just Free Spins, because you may also have to meet certain other requirements. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, because it usually just requires you to have a certain amount in the wager. Just keep playing until you meet the requirement, and you’ll be good to go.