No Deposit Bonus

It sounds too good to be true, and sometimes it is. Many online casinos offer a bonus which you can get before you have deposited any money at all into your online playing account. These kinds of deposits are offered as part of a welcome package, along with other possible incentives like Free Spins so that you can try certain games or slots.

You then get the opportunity to start playing the online games without having paid anything yet for the privilege. The amount of the bonus will vary depending on what specials the casino is offering, so you may not have a lot of plays, but it is basically free money. Like all free money, it is not always as easy to get as it looks.

Watch Out
Unfortunately, the No Deposit Bonus will probably come with certain terms and conditions that may make it hard for you to actually cash in. You need to keep this in mind before you take advantage of this, so that you are not surprised or frustrated later. The terms and conditions will be on the website and you will be provided with all the information, but often it seems to be in small print or part of a large amount of information which can be confusing.

The usual stipulation is that you can’t withdraw any of your winnings until you do actually make a deposit. Some of the required deposit amounts are large, and some are very small, but just be aware that this may be a condition attached when you are using a No Deposit Bonus. Once you have met the required conditions, the cash is yours to keep, so it is worth finding out what you need to do to meet the special requirements.

Real Cash
If you do end up fulfilling the conditions, you can receive real cash that you win even if you won it with the free No Deposit Bonus. This gives you an incentive to try a particular gambling site, without forcing you to make a commitment.

You can try the kinds of games you think you’re good at, or slot games which really require no special skills. Either way, you can have fun and not have to worry about having cash to get started. The No Deposit Bonus is a good sign of a place that genuinely wants to attract your business and give you special offers.